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Digital Be-In 15:
Biomimicry 2007

Digital Be-In 14:
Planet Code 2006

Digital Be-In 13:
The Transparent Network 2004

Digital Be-In 12:
Media Revolution 2002

Tokyo Be-In 1995

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Digital Be-In 9 – January 7, 1997 - 10-minute documentary video

Human Be-In 1967

Digital Be-In – Wikipedia

Commonground Article on Digital Be-In 13 Grokking the Transparent Network by Michael Gosney

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Digital Be-In 16: ECOCITY

The Digital Be-In returns for the third year in a row during Earth Day week in San Francisco. Once again, the Be-In will be a launching platform for evolutionary ideas, initiatives and CHANGE – at the nexus of humanistic technology and the sustainability movement – this year with the vital theme of ECOCITY.

Join us for an evolutionary journey of visionary speakers, presentations, exhibits, performances, live music, top DJs, visuals, art installations and amazing people like YOU... at San Francisco's grandest and greenest night club and community center, Temple.


Presale - $20
from InTicketing

$25 at the door

Temple nightclub is 21 and over (apologies to our younger friends!). Food and drink will be available for sale all evening, but no outside food or beverages are allowed in the club. PLEASE AVOID BRINGING BACKPACKS or bags to the event as this results in long delays at the entrance. Thanks for your consideration.

Complete information and ticket outlets at
watch for periodic updates

Don't miss this one-of-a-kind San Francisco Happening!

Ecocity Symposium
7pm–9 pm (Don't Miss It!)

Cyberculture and the Ecocity Vision
Sustainable Community Development
Technology Empowering Sustainability: The Urban Environmental Accords
Regenerative Place Making and the Greening of San Francisco

The Digital Be-In is pleased to be honoring urban designer Paolo Soleri ,who is appearing at the Ecocity World Summit in San Francisco, with a special presentation on his major contributions to the sustainable city movement.

Presenters: Jeffrey Stein, Director of Architecture, Boston Architectural Center, Chairman, Cosanti Foundation, Arcosanti, Arizona; Lois Arkin, Los Angeles Ecovillage; Liz Walker, Ithaca Ecovillage; Betsy Morris, Cohousing Association of the United States; Michael Gosney, founder Digital Be-In; Colin Grant, founder Visible Strategies; Technology Empowering Sustainability: The Urban Environmental Accords Colin Grant – founder Visible Strategies; Garrett Fitzgerald, Director of Programs, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, USA; David Shearer, Chief Scientist, California Environmental Associates, Burning Man; Darian Heyman, Craig’s List Foundation/SF Environment, others TBA.

Live Music
9 pm–1 am

Michael Kang (String Cheese Incident)
Waterjuice (Vaporvent)
Lumin with Irina Mikhailova
Yossi Fine (Ex-centric Sound System)
Diana Rosa
MC Yogi

9 pm–4 am

Dragonfly (Groove Garden)
Rhythmystic (Rhythm Society)
Alex Theory (Mystic Vibration)
Irina Mikhailova (Cyberset)
Neptune (Beat Church)
Dov (Cyberset, Muti Music)
Dr. Spook (Phoenix Family)
Goz (Cyberset)
Timonkey (Muti Music)
Omer (Harbin)
Manifesto (LaPeña CC)
David Shamanik (Rhythm Society)


The Shamanic Cheerleaders!
Maestros of Ceremony Joegh Bullock and Adam Apollo
Eco-Fashion Show by The Moon Gallery
Projections by Dr. Spook and Friends
Reality Check Screening Room by Global Oneness Project and Ironweed Films
Organic Food Delights from Prana Restaurant

Take Action Exhibition
8 pm–12 midnight

Exhibits and Demos from Urban Alliance for Sustainability,, SF Environment, Creative Citizen, Visible Strategies, California Sustainable Communities, NextAid, Hologenesis, Green Society, Bioneers and more...


Digital Be-In 15: Biomimicry - April 21, 2007


Biomimicry Symposium
2 hrs, by speaker

Goddess Alchemy Project performance

LuxVibe event montage

Ralph Simon Interview on URTH.TV


Digital Be-In 9 10 minute documentary

Structure of the Vacuum

Sculpture by Harlan Emil Gruber exhibited at Digital Be-In 16: a three dimensional structure based on Nassim Haramein’s discovery of basic underlying geometric principles that govern the way the physical universe manifests. It is both a fractal cuboctahedron and star tetrahedron, as well as a 3-d representation of the Flower of Life.

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